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 Treats Policy

Disclaimer: All baked goods and treats are made by our favorite local bakeries and treat makers (such as grocery stores and other small businesses) at their facilities and are available on our website strictly for convenience purposes and by high demand to go as an addition to our flower deliveries. Our website pricing reflects the local vendors regular price and already includes our convenience fee.


All items are made as similar as possible.


Ingredients list and nutrition facts may or may not be available upon request via said bakeries and treat makers. Please order at your own risk.


Allergens Disclaimer: May contain wheat,gluten,milk/dairy, egg, and soy. May come in contact with Peanuts/Tree Nuts/All Nuts.


All baked goods/treat sales are final. We do not offer returns/refunds on food items.


We need 24 to 48 hour notice on all treat items!